StreamChecker serves as a modular plugin for existing monitoring software solutions to test Windows Media Streams.  Existing monitoring infrastructures literally treats StreamChecker as another 'web server', and tries to test streams by 'requesting a web page'.  The URL format for a work task is:

StreamChecker is able to test various protocols: mms (tcp/udp), rtsp (tcp/udp), and http. StreamChecker runs on an WIN32 environment that binds to an HTTP socket to wait for work requests.


Response Codes (similar to HTTP)

Code Description


Stream is functioning accordingly.  WMP is still streaming the content at the end of the test duration (as expected).  Response message:

Example: [200] OK - StartupTime: [3948.0371]; ReceptionQuality: [100]; BufferingCount: [1]; BufferingTime: [5000]; CurrentBitRate: [380960]; MinimumBitRate: [380960]; MaximumBitRate: [380960]; FramesSkipped: [0]; EncodedFrameRate: [25]; MinimumActualFrameRate: [3069]; MaximumActualFrameRate: [3069]; MinimumBandwidthInUse: [554192]; MaximumBandwidthInUse: [921587]; PacketsLost: [0]; PacketsReceived: [250];PacketsRecovered: [0]


URL or parameters are invalid, or sent improperly.


Method not supported.  StreamChecker currently supports HTTP-GET method only.


Stream or network error occurred.  WMP was not playing at the end of the test duration.


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